Behind the Brand

Why the name Heir of His?
 As Christians, we must know who we are in Jesus Christ. If all we know is that we are identified as, and called "Christians", but we do not have the knowledge of what that means and the power thereof... how will we ever be able to convince others that they need Jesus, and need to be made an Heir of His? The Bible says that to be a Christian is to be an "Heir of God, and a joint heir with Christ." (Romans 8:16-17) We have inherited the inheritance in Christ Jesus - we are seated in heavenly places in Christ, we have inherited everlasting life, and an everlasting kingdom that will never be corrupted nor fade away.
 Being someone that has reaped that which I had sown in my life before Christ, and inherited the wages and consequences of my sins, I am honored to now be a recipient & conduit of His redeeming love, a child of God, and an Heir of His. I've lived on both sides of the soul spectrum, and living for Jesus Christ, serving & investing in His Kingdom is truly the best life that we could ever choose to live!
Behind the brand Heir of His is a husband & wife duo, based out of Pearl, MS.
 We are both passionate about the Gospel and more than anything we love Jesus and serving in His Kingdom.
 Our lives have been forever marked by the redeeming grace of God, and the indwelling power of His Holy Spirit, though both of our stories are vastly different.
My wife has been living for Jesus all of her life, faithfully serving in the Body of Christ in the areas of Youth ministry, Worship team, and translating from Spanish to English.
 I, on the other hand, was saved at a very young age but did not grow up living a life serving God and strayed very far from God. I grew up loving the world and all that it had to offer me. To condense a long story, in short, by the age of 17 I found myself committing a crime which resulted in the other young man involved in it with me losing his life, and me facing 25 years to life in prison. God spared my life during this crime and spared me from a life sentence. I served 10 years in prison; from the ages 18-28. It was during this time, and as a result of this absolute tragedy that Jesus washed me in His blood, filled me with His Spirit, and turned my life upside down... or right side up. (Walking the path of a Holy Ghost filled man of God for years in prison was a journey in and of itself - (a very rewarding one.) God graciously brought my wife into my life 1 year after I was back into society.
 Our interest and passion for Christian Apparel was sparked on our honeymoon to FL, where while looking for souvenir t-shirts we ended up in a custom t-shirt shop and had newlywed t-shirts made.
 Whether we've lived a life of purity and righteousness from our youth, as my wife - or, whether as myself, we've missed the mark and been through a season of deception, pain, and loss from the enemy... we are all in need of God's grace, the redeeming blood of Jesus, and the regeneration of the Holy Ghost!
 Interested in knowing more about the brand Heir of His? Check out our The Vison + The Mission page.
 Blessings to you, In Jesus Name!
 - Brandon & Cristhel.
Salvation is Inheritance. Excellence is Inheritance. Everlasting life is Inheritance.