The Vision + The Mission

THE VISION of Heir of His is to provide believers with bold, modern Christian apparel that is faithfulfunctional, and fashionable.     

 Faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and truths of the Holy Bible.

 Functional for the purpose of representing the Christian faith, and equipping believers with a conversational opportunity to share their faith.

 Fashionable in a modern taste without compromise to Biblical grace.

THE MISSION of Heir of His is to build a community of believers that know who they are in Christ, and to walk in their inheritance in Christ with boldness. When we live in the revelation and authority of who we are in Jesus Christ, we are equipped to boldly share the Gospel and win others to the Kingdom of God.

 Heir of His is a kingdom minded, mission focused brand. With the power of the Gospel and the anointing of God's Spirit we are on mission to equip believers with boldness and to declare the Good News of Jesus Christ in both word and deed ( Colossians 3:17 ). 

 As Christians, our existence and purpose is to show forth the Glory of God - He that has called us from darkness into His marvelous light.                       

 As a Christian clothing brand, the existence and purpose of Heir of His is the same - to show forth the Glory of God. At Heir of His, we believe that every believer has the privilege and honor to show forth the Glory of God and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Therefore, let us take advantage of every opportunity, every single day, to be a light and witness - in both word and deed.

 Show forth the Glory of God as heirs of God. Walk in your inheritance in Christ with boldness.

 At Heir of His, everything we create is with purpose and on purpose, thoughtfully and prayerfully. Every piece of apparel is born from the Word of God and exist to be worn for the Glory of God.